8th May 2022

The repaint of the grey body sides of the VEA has been completed.  There is still some metalwork to refix, along with the grab handles, once they have been repainted.  The planked box van (B771448, also known as Bella) has had the Yard side paintwork cleaned down, primed and undercoated.  Filler has been used to improve the surface of some of the planks.  There are a couple of poor planks on the doors which may need replacing.  The NER van No.98799, built in 1904, has also had the Yard side cleaned down and primed.  The second new wagon tarpaulin has been fitted over the LMS 3 plank wagon, replacing the tatty grey sheet which ‘covered’ it.

The flooring for the trailer has been given another coat of preservative.  A welded box has been made to house the battery in a secure compartment on the side of the dumper truck.  A new rear pointing light has been fitted to the mini digger.

Weeding of the platform beds continues whilst the vegetable bed north of the level crossing has been given a heavy weed and seed potatoes have been planted.  A start has been made on cleaning the stone setts in the Station Yard of small weed growth.

The first window has been fixed into the side of the timber cladding to the container and palings fitted around it.

Weighbridge Teas have had another good couple of days with sales of goodies and books from the cart going well.

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