5th June 2022

It’s a double issue this week, following a weekend away for the scribe.  As politicians say, it was a fact-finding tour of other North East preserved railways.  Two key issues were apparent – we are the best and every other line is also short of volunteers with catering outlets closed and sheds and displays off limits.

Meanwhile, at Levisham both platforms have been decorated with red, white, and blue bunting and two flagpoles were erected to displaying Platinum Jubilee flags.  Both cottages, the Warehouse and the General Room had Union Jacks displayed at the windows.  Weighbridge Tea was also decorated, and the staff wore red, white, and blue uniforms as well.

The black tank wagon barrel has had a second coat of grey undercoat and the lettering has had white undercoat applied.  The NER van has had its lettering and numbering on the east side repainted.  A donated length of cast iron guttering has been wire wheeled clean and primed.

Work to overhaul the dumper truck and make improvement to the engine continues.

Near the yard sheds the brick stores have been restacked to make space for a lean to and small shed behind the existing fencing.

In the toilet van a new close coupled toilet has been fitted to replace an original one, which had a cracked outlet.  Tightening up of all the joints continues to make sure it’s watertight.

Grass cutting continues and strimming has been undertaken to tidy up the edges around the Station.  There is still more to do.  One of the small timber board chamber covers in the paddock has been repaired.

Weighbridge Teas have had another good long weekend but a few more visitors would always be welcome!

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