10th July 2022

Cor wot a scorcher!  It’s been a hot, hot weekend here at lovely Levisham.  All the roses are in flower and the platforms look a treat.  Weeding and grass cutting continues regardless.

The lower half of the black tank wagon barrel has been wire wheeled clean, primed where necessary, and given a coat of grey undercoat.  Both sides were then treated to a first coat of black gloss.  The lower half ends of the blue tank have also been wire wheeled, primed, and undercoated.  The wooden baulks on this tanker have been given a coat of bitumastic.

The woodwork van has been lettered ‘B771448’, ‘XP’, ‘WB 10’0”’ on both sides.

Inside the toilet van, the mop cupboard has had the door fixed in place and one of the doors below the baby change has been similarly fixed.  The lower panel, housing the plinth heater, has been made, painted and screwed on.  Further boxing in units have been made and painted, several times, to hide the plumbing to the sinks and toilets.  These now await fitting once they are dry.  The third and final sink has been fitted onto its housing in the middle toilet and masticed into place.  A start has been made on fitting capping strips around the joints between the walls and the ceiling panels – more to do next weekend.  An extractor fan has been fitted to the middle toilet as well, just in case!?!

The dock has been given a huge clean up outside the toilet van, in readiness for its new role as the public access route.

Tidying up inside the container has commenced now the main construction works on the exterior have been completed.  In readiness for the next construction job, several metal roof pieces have been prepared for the new small shed behind the fencing in the Yard.

With all this hot weather, we were asked to deal with a small lineside fire a mile south of the Station, caused by 80136.  It’s a long walk there and back.

Weighbridge Teas were kept busy supplying cold drinks and ice creams, along with teas and paninis.

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