17th July 2022

Well, the hot weather continues – albeit it with a couple of heavy rain showers Friday tea time and early Sunday morning.

The ends of the blue milk tanker have had another undercoat, then a first top coat, whilst the black tanker has had a second black gloss to the lower barrel.

In the toilet van, further finishing works to the walls and ceiling have been completed.  Cupboard doors have been fitted to all units and trims have been installed to cover the joints between the walls and the ceiling.  Under the van, a start has been made on installing the drainpipes; this is fiddly as three toilets and three sinks have to be connected together into one outlet pipe.

The S&T stores van, NER 98799, had developed a leak in the roof.  With the scaffolding now removed from the tank wagons, we were able to use it to get up to roof level on this van.  Examination showed that a roof plank had ‘sprung’, tearing the felt and allowing water in.  The felt has been cut back, the plank securely refixed, and the felt reinstated.  To ensure a good water-tight seal an additional length of felt was fixed over the patched part of the roof.

A new printer has been installed in the Booking Office and, surprise, surprise, it doesn’t fit in the old position!  A new rolling stand has been made for it, so it can be moved as required.

The roof on the small shed in the Yard has been finished and securely fixed into place, whilst on the container the paintwork on the doors has been touched up where necessary.

Weeding of the gardens and tracks continues, the roses are still a treat to see.

Weighbridge Teas did very well over the weekend with cold drinks and ice creams.  Strangely, hot drinks and pies were not in high demand?!

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