3rd July 2022

We’ve had a mix of sunshine and showers this weekend.

On the milk tanker, the ‘EXPRESS DAIRY’ lettering on the East side has been completed in white, as has the ‘MILK FOR LONDON’ small lettering on the West side. The blue top coat on the lower half of the barrel has also been completed

Inside the toilet van, the architrave has been fixed in place and the baby change and mop store doors have been built and painted.  The centre cubicle sink unit has been made, with an access door for the plumbing.  This area is particularly awkward, working around the pipework and the toilet.

The VEA van (grey sides and yellow ends) has had the door grab handles and catch clips fitted to the 2 rebuilt doors.  The doors had to be partially run off their tracks to allow some of the bolts to be fitted from behind.

In the Yard, construction work on the container cladding continues, with the large doors finally fitted.  Weeding and tidying up of the yard and around the camping coach continues.

The Booking Office has been tidied and altered in readiness for a new, all singing, all dancing printer/scanner to be installed.  As with all modern equipment it is larger than the one we currently have, so some modifications and rewiring will be necessary once it arrives.

Inside the Gents, a new cistermiser has been installed to replace the old one which only managed 30 years of service.  A new toilet seat has also been fitted, the old one not lasting as long!

Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend.  A new sales item – a soft Highland Cow toy – has arrived and sales are moo-ving !?! quickly.

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