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Happy New Year

Well it’s a new year but we still get snow showers so its back clearing platforms – again! I hope you all had a very Happy New Year but didn’t overdo the celebrations. We have completed the new shelves for storing the Weighbridge Cart goodies plus a separate set for the Hot Drinks Machine. Michael has been investigating and making new cover plates for our North Eastern signs for Wartime Weekend plus new Booking Office signs for the window. Stephen has continued tidying our workshop coach – we can now see the floor in places!
Although passenger trains have now finished the work continues ……… Please feel free to come down any weekend and I am sure we will find a job to tax you and leave you feeling tired but satisfied. You never know, the snow may have gone by next weekend!?!

Sad news

We must start this blog with the sad news that our Creator, Elizabeth Beresford passed away on Christmas Eve. Naturally we are all devastated but no flowers please but we will accept cash donations!
It’s been another day of snow clearing – ice off the platforms and level crossing and generally around the points which now work! Elsewhere the snow is thawing nicely and we have had a burst at a stop tap, now fixed after a dig around to find another manhole in the snow – a lot easier said than done, especially in the dark! The glazed roof over the Gents has been cracked due to the weight of snow on it which is now removed.
We have been finally relieved by the Weighbridge Teas team and had our daytime thirst slaked. Don’t forget they are also open for you as well. Come and visit them I’m sure they will be pleased to see you.

Happy Christmas!

I hope all our readers had a very Happy Christmas and Santa gave you everything you wanted.
Guess what, it’s snowed again! There was 5” of snow covering the platforms again and adding to the accumulations elsewhere. Although we have clear platforms the one thing we don’t have is trains. Due to frozen water supplies at Grosmont there are NO trains today (Monday). Hopefully they will get it sorted out and we will be back in action tomorrow.

Come by train!

Well it’s still blooming cold at the station. Monday night excelled itself with minus 19!!! It was only minus 5 there this afternoon!
As Station Master can I thank all our volunteers for all their help and support over the year, all our sponsors for their donations – they are gratefully received and our readers, I hope you have enjoyed this years news and pictures.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Don’t forget we are running between Christmas and New Year but at present do NOT come by car, the road is impassable. Come by train and enjoy the scenery from the safety of the train.

New booklet in the works

Guess what, its snowing again! Another two days clearing platforms and freeing up signals. The road to the station is impassable at present so we had to walk in from Levisham village on the Friday night. The road to the station is covered in ice so we spent time on Saturday morning putting the stream back in its ditch and chipping off the ice where we could. The temperature got up to minus 4 on Saturday and ‘peaked’ at minus 11 overnight!
With the poor weather we have made further inroads into tidying the workshop coach and even fitted the final bit of skirting board in the front bedroom in the cottage. Our weighbridge team have deserted us for the comfort of the Santa trains, hopefully they will return between Christmas and the New Year as we are getting thirsty.
We have been working hard on our new booklet on Grosmont to Whitby with a visit to the railways archives to look at old plans and maps. We plan to have a visit to the area during Christmas to see what remains.
Can I finish off by saying I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Well we had more snow this week but by Saturday it had melted to just a couple of inches, so it was back to clearing the platforms, points and signal runs again. We finally got the outer home signal working after 2 weeks of digging!
Elsewhere the sales cart is now in its new hut and we have begun modifying the drinks machines door fixtures so it all looks tidy. Michael has commenced repairing the rotten window on the General Room having pre-built a replacement section as a homework project. Most of Sunday was spent digging a path to the Camping Coach to get it ready for re-use at Christmas week. Unfortunately when Jill, the cleaner, entered the coach she found water all over the place. It would appear several joints had burst in the frost so the rest of the day was spent hunting for split pipes and repairing them.

Signalling dug out

After clearing the Down platform ready for the trains it was then time to deal with the signals. The only way to get the signals to work is to dig off the snow – all 15” to 2’ off the wire runs, every yard of them! It’s a long, heavy job and took the whole of Saturday. Sunday morning, all of it, was spent digging out the three sets of points ready for next weekends operations. Just as we were thinking about lunch, we were called out to another tree which was fouling the line due to the weight of snow. Hopefully it will be back to some sense of normality next weekend but we will have to wait and see. Don’t forget to check out the pictures from the weekend in the Gallery under November snow!

And more…

Well it’s snowed again this week. When we arrived this afternoon there was 15” on the platforms – these we had cleared completely last weekend! So it was back to clearing again. We have not cleared the points or all the signals yet, there being over 2’ laid everywhere. The railway ran the Class 25 through this afternoon to check the line ready for tomorrows Santa trains and we were called out to cut down a couple of trees which were foul of the line. We will see what happens overnight.

Even more snow!

Guess what it did overnight?! After more platform and point clearing we could get back to our own work. We also had a further 4″ of snow during the day giving us around 16″ overall! Many hands make light work though so thanks to Geoff, Stephen, Neil and Beth for their help over the weekend. The Christmas banners are now fitted on the lamp posts and the ‘Big W’ light is hung on the front of the cottages. Work for the sales cart cupboard has continued with the old end wall removed and a new door made and hung. A new rim lock has been fitted. Thanks to Geoff for his help here whilst his wife Janet opened the Weighbridge for our visitors – there were quite a few! Michael renewed the extractor fan in the Weighbridge as the old was has worn out.

It’s snowing!

It’s snowed, big time! Yes we have another 12” of snow to deal with. It doesn’t stop us though although some staff had to walk to the station as they could not get down last night. Both platforms have been cleared several times during the day, as were the points, to ensure the trains and passengers had a safe journey. Its still snowing so I’m sure we will be doing the same tomorrow.

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