18th August 2019

The interior fit out of new shed continues, with further shelving fitted and painting carried out.  Outside the shed the new field gate and smaller personnel gate have been tweaked and adjusted to open more easily.  At the front of the shed, a further delivery of ash has helped to provide a level surface.

In the Yard, the repaint of the East side of the palvan has continued.  The body has been further rubbed down and a coat of undercoat applied.  Painting has also continued in the kitchen, with the walls this time receiving a coat of emulsion.  A further coat will be required to give an even colour. 

The gardening team have been busy around the Station, with weeding and picking the ripe produce continuing.  The latter are available to buy from Weighbridge teas on a first come, first served basis.

Weighbridge Teas has another busy weekend and a lot of the tray bakes and sandwiches sold out!  They are now getting ready for next weekend, when the Tea Hut will also be open on Bank Holiday Monday to support Hunmanby Brass Band – who will be playing in the paddock in the afternoon.

11th August 2019

Considering the poor weather forecast we did remarkably well, with only ‘Biblical’ showers on Saturday afternoon and nothing today!

The East side of our brown Palvan has come to the top of the list for a repaint.  A start has been made scraping off the cracked paint.  Some of the ply underneath also came off, but it should be OK with a touch of wood hardener.

Our new shed has been the main project this weekend.  Most of the ‘skirting boards’ have been fitted to the outside.  This has allowed us to complete the palings, trimming them to meet the skirtings.  The large gate has been installed at the end of the shed, closing off the lineside from the ‘safe’ area.  The gate post to shed gap has been closed off with fencing, which also helps brace this main swing post.  Inside the shed, shelving has been installed to support the power tools.  This has allowed them to be neatly stored, as their old home was ‘cosy’ to say the least!  A new (to us) PPE cupboard has been installed to hold the helmets and strimmer straps.  Further shelves hold the tool spares.

The major weeding exercise is just about done around the Camping Coach and storage sheds at the bottom of our Yard.

Our small narrow scaffold units deck was past its best, so it has been replaced with new ply.  This was given a good coat of wood preservative before having the edges sealed with paint to keep the water out of it.

Inside the Volunteer Accommodation we have taken delivery of a new dishwasher.  Our old one gave up over 60’s weekend, after many years’ service (and it was second hand when we received it!).

Weighbridge Teas had a quieter weekend, no doubt due to the poor forecast and weather on Saturday, keeping visitors away.

3rd, 4th August 2019

Well, it’s the end of an era; NER coach 945 left Levisham (and the railway) last week.  This ends 48 years of NER coaches being stored at Levisham.  The coach has gone off to secure undercover storage, whilst it waits its turn for the completion of its overhaul.

The departure of the coach has allowed us to clear out the track where it sat, removing years of leaves and rubbish.  A timber cable duct cover there was also past its best, so has been renewed.  The siding now looks very smart with just the restored wagons in it.  Talking of wagons, the LNER High Goods has had the East side and North end cleaned down, primed where necessary, and then given a coat of undercoat.  The Wagon Group has been down, fitting the brake gear to their hopper wagon and chalk boards to their box van.

In the new shed, work has continued on the first fix of the conduit and associated electrics.  Two interior lights – one above a work bench – will provide plenty of illumination in there, whilst 3 pin and blue sockets will allow power tools to be used if required.

The ‘new’ gate to close off the lineside next to the new shed has had all the old paint burnt off it and a coat of wood preservative applied – just before a rain shower this afternoon!  The metalwork has also been cleaned down and given a coat of black paint.

The gardeners have been out and about, setting mole traps, tying back the roses and cutting off the dead heads.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend albeit fairly quiet today, which is strange as it’s been a cracking day.  Perhaps everyone went to the beach?

22nd, 27th, 28th July 2019

Last Monday we were joined by the Junior Volunteers, who came to help us around the Station.  First up was the digging out of the old ziggurat site and then levelling it off with loco ash.  This has allowed a picnic bench to be sited there.  Hopefully we will be able to tarmac this area next year, along with another section of the Yard.  The remainder of the ash delivery was added to a second load for spreading around the new lineside shed.  This has levelled the area and made an easier access into the shed.

A separate group of JVs were painting the underframe of the Wagons Group’s box van in black gloss.  The more senior JVs also strimmed the road approaches for us.

The shock open wagon and the LMS 3 plank wagon have 2 wagon sheets on them (the top one has seen better days and leaks).  The under sheets were not individually tied down, so were prone to ponding.  These sheets have now had eyelets fitted and are tied down securely.

The annual cleaning of the Station lamps has started.  One down, several more to go!

The gutter board has been made and fitted on the rear of the new shed.  Internally, the ceiling and sides have been clad in ply.  A start has been made on installing the conduit around the walls and a fuseboard has been screwed into place.

The gardeners have been in residence, picking rhubarb, weeding and tying back the roses.  The rhubarb has been converted into rhubarb fool (for dinner), rhubarb cordial (for when it is hot), rhubarb chutney (for lunch), rhubarb jam (for breakfast), and rhubarb gin (for after dinner)!  Oh, and a bit has gone into the freezer for a crumble later.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, even considering the showers that were inflicted upon us on Saturday.

20th, 21st July 2019

Following the success of last weekend’s 60’s Fest, it was time to take down the Beer Tent and all the bunting.  The bar, bar stools, and floor were cleaned down and put away, allowing the tent to be dismantled.  This wasn’t immediately put away, but instead transported to near the cottages for the annual Station Group BBQ.  The smaller ‘kitchen’ tent was also erected to ensure everyone could be accommodated undercover if it rained – which it didn’t!  The BBQ was a huge success and everyone had a great time.

Sunday dawned dry and bright so it was time to take it all down and finally put it all away properly.  The next time we will need some of the equipment is on August Bank Holiday Monday, when Hunmanby Brass Band will be performing in the Paddock.

Elsewhere, painting continues on the Wagon Group’s box van, with the underframe receiving a coat of undercoat.  Our wagons have had some TLC as well.  The rusty bottom edge of the LNER High Goods body has been cleaned down and given a coat of primer, whilst the Shock Open has had the roof sheet bar improved.  The white undersheet has had eyelets fitted and been securely tied down to keep the contents dry.  The original grey top sheet, although not too bad to look at, is past its best and leaks in places.

The Station gardens are still riot of colour and long may they continue.  The gardeners have been down again, starting the cutting back and tying up of the roses for next year.  The gravel around the Camping Coach has been given a major de-weed and looks much smarter now. 

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, although not as hectic as last weekend’s 60’s Fest.

13th, 14th July 2019

Apologies for the late news but it was a late finish last Sunday evening, after a very busy weekend.

Well what a great 60’s weekend!  A great turnout of visitors enjoyed live music from the Vox Beatles, some of whom had come all the way from Brighton to play in the marquee at Levisham.  The Beer Tent virtually sold out, with additional beer having to be brought in on the Saturday evening because so much had been consumed during the day.  The same can be said of The Cavern, AKA the Tea Hut, with Weighbridge Teas not far behind; extra sandwiches had to be made and further cakes and savouries ordered for Sunday.

All this would not have been possible without a lot of work immediately before and after the event.  This included cutting all the grass; opening up the tents and setting out the bar and stage; cladding the Tea Hut in silver; delivering, preparing and then tidying up all the food and resulting rubbish, collecting and washing used glasses; moving full and empty barrels around the Station and finally taking down the main marquee.

In between all this, some work did get done on other projects.  Our new shed now sports its small palings, which cover the joints between the ‘sleeper’ planks.  Inside the shed the insulation of the walls has been completed, as has the fitting of the Kingspan panels between the rafters.  This might be the warmest shed on the Station this winter!

The roses are in full bloom, as are many of the plants, giving a riot of colour along both platforms.  The weeding of gardens still continues though; will it never end!?!.

6th and 7th July 2019

The Station is almost ready for the 60’s Event next weekend. In the Paddock, both the Main Marquee and the Beer Tent have been erected. Bunting now decorates the marquees and both platforms.

The rebuilding of the litter bins continues, with several smart new ones now around the Station. The roses are all out along the platforms and look excellent. This didn’t stop the gardeners getting out and weeding, cutting back, etc. – there is always something to do.

North of the Station the East side fencing replacement is complete, with the last 20 posts installed today. Work will commence shortly on the West side, alongside the freight wagons where a short length requires installation.

Weighbridge Teas had an excellent weekend with lots of visitors, including a couple of motorcycle groups making use of their facilities. Sales went so well they had to re-evaluate the ice cream order to ensure there will be enough for next weekend. Both Weighbridge Teas and the Tea Hut will be open next weekend with the usual wares on offer and, for one weekend only, hot dogs! The Beer tent will also be open both days selling a selection of beers from Darwin (Sunderland), Yorkshire Heart (York) and Breworks (Pickering) Breweries. Cider and wine will also be available for those who aren’t real ale fans.

29th, 30th June 2019

Cor wot a scorcher, and what a way to end June!

We have taken delivery of another 125 fence rails and these have been tripped up the line ready for installation.  Another section of 10 old posts has been dismantled and prepared, ready for new posts to be installed next weekend.  The grass has been strimmed there, due to its height, so we can see what we are doing.

Back at the Station, the gardeners have been weeding and tidying up.  A good crop of strawberries has been picked and were very nice for dinner.  Work has continued renewing the platform litter bins and making them sturdier.

Painting continues on the 16T mineral wagon, with more of the underframe now in top coat.  The front fascia of the new shed has been completed, as has the south end eaves board.  Internally, more insulation panels have been fitted to the walls, nearly completing this job.

The hot weather (the thermometers said 28°C) caused havoc with the train service on Saturday afternoon, with a train crew reporting a buckle in the track on Fen Bog.  All trains were stopped until an examination had been carried out by the Pway.  This did confirm the track fault, which would have to be sorted before trains could again traverse the site.  Wombles to the rescue!  We were called out to help deal with this, supplementing the Pway team on Sunday morning.  A very pleasant time was had unclipping rails, moving them to create the correct gap and reclipping them.  A short section of track also had to be barred across, returning it to its correct alignment.  By lunchtime we were back at the Station and trains could again run, the first being the Moorlander Pullman lunch train.

Weighbridge Teas did very well over the weekend with ice cream sales and cold food, even on the Sunday morning when no trains could call at Levisham.  The team are getting ready for the 60’s Weekend (13th, 14th July) stocking up with hot dog sausages and extra rations.

21st-23rd June 2019

We were joined on Friday by a group from Network Rail in York, who came to help us for the day. The group was split into 2, and the first group went north to complete the far fence nailing job before moving closer to the Station to dismantle the next section of poor fencing. After lunch it was time to get the trolley out to bring the materials back. We could then build the new fence, adding another 9 posts worth of fence to that completed last week. The second group were tasked with painting. First up was our shock van alongside the dock. This needed its top coat finishing on the south end and east side. After this it was onto the Wagon Group’s shock van. A coat of undercoat was applied to the West side and then onto Freight Brown 1960’s bauxite top coat on the East side. In the afternoon the hot sun had dried the West side, enabling a first gloss to be applied as well. They all had a great time and we look forward to welcoming them again in the future. The dry day also meant we could get the mowers out and at last we have the grass down to a neat level all over the Station. All we now have to do is keep it in this state. The garden maintenance continues, and the planters just north of the level crossing have been weeded and planted with painted sage, grown from seed by one of our volunteers at home. The de-weeding of the Yard has also continued.  The insulation of the new shed continues, whilst the front roof edge has been made from recycled materials. It cleverly houses 2 lights, so we can access the sheds during darkness in the winter if necessary. Today we joined the Junior Volunteers on a special visit to Scunthorpe Steelworks. We had our own steam engine – Cranford – hauling 2 brake vans all around the site. They have around 90 miles (!) of internal railway and we managed around half of it. Thanks to Peter Barsby, of South Yorkshire Area Group, for organising this for us all. Weighbridge Teas were kept busy all weekend and were even in to support us on Friday as well.

15th, 16th June 2019

The fencing renewal scheme continues, with another 5 posts and associated rails installed.  The next set of posts have been placed in the dip tank ready for next weekend.

Back at the Station, the new shed has had the door locks fitted and further insulation panels installed on the inside.  Work to renew some of the litter bins has continued, making them more sturdy in the process.  The paddock hut front and side have been scraped down and given a couple of coats of green shed paint.  One of the water stop cocks was leaking from a split in the plastic housing, so has been replaced with a new stop tap.

All the grass has been cut, again – will it never stop growing!?!  The paddock edges have been strimmed to keep it all smart.  The gardeners have been in residence again, with work on the vegetable patches, the lineside planters and the platforms attended to.  In the Station Yard the long grass has been strimmed and the north edge comprehensively weeded to smarten the entrance area.

The 16T mineral wagon top coat of paint has been completed, as have the two white stripes at the north end.  These identify to operators which end the end opening door is.  On the Shock Van the west side metalwork clean down has been completed and it’s been given a couple of coats of primer.  Once this was dry it was time to give the whole side a coat of brown undercoat.  The east side has received two undercoats, the priming being completed last weekend.

Weighbridge Teas – now ‘As seen on TV!’ – had a relatively quiet weekend.  This did give them more time to sign autographs and pose for photographs though….

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