24th, 25th July 2021

It’s been thankfully cooler this weekend after last weekend’s high temperatures.

The fourth door for the green Palvan has been fully bolted up, masticed, and the door catch bolted into place.  It now awaits a final touch up of top coat and the reinstallation of the insulation sheet on the door interior to keep it warm inside the van during the winter as it’s our paint store.

The third door for the toilet van has been screwed and glued together, with filler over the screw holes.  This is now ready for painting.  The framing for the fourth and final door has been cut out of hardwood sleepers and is now ready for putting together.

Grass cutting and gardening continues; the roses are still in bloom and looking splendid.

Weighbridge Teas started slowly on Saturday morning with few visitors but by lunchtime trade had returned to ‘normal’ and they were in full swing.

In readiness for more digging in of Stakka boxes on the lineside, on Sunday evening road stone was taken along the forest drive access road to fill in the pot holes.  The pole saw was also used to trim back overhanging branches which were touching the vehicles.  Sunday evening saw us working in Northdale installing said fibre connection box, along with improving the foot crossing there.  Lineside scrub was also cleared to improve sighting there.

17th, 18th July 2021

Cor wot a scorcher of a weekend!

The fourth, and final, Palvan door has been hung and adjusted to give a good fit against its partner.  The toilet van interior door face has been completed, sealed, and given several coats of paint.

We are supporting the installation of the fibre cable between Levisham and Goathland.  Along with laying out the cable, we have been using our digger to install the large joint boxes (known as Stakka boxes) near Platelayers and the 15MP.  We have also dug in the cable through the roadways at Platelayers and Kidstye Farm.  It was a good test for our new trailer, which was admirably hauled by the dumper to site.

The General Room floor has been given a good sand down, followed by 2 coats of satin varnish.  Weeding of the garden beds continues and the roses are still in full bloom on both platforms. 

Weighbridge Teas were again busy, with ice creams being very popular.

The JVs have been here again, industriously installing the new fencing north of the Station.  Two old gateposts, which were rotten, have been dug out – all 4’ deep by 18” square bases.  A pair of pre-loved railway sleepers have been used to make new hinge and gate posts.  The repainting of the speed restriction signs continues.

10th, 11th July

It’s been another dry weekend (bar 2 minutes on Sunday afternoon) and nice and warm as well.

The third door on the green Palvan was changed over the weekend.  This one fitted better than the first two for some reason, although we did have to adjust the height of the dock surface by 10mm to get the door to open and close properly

To support the JVs we collected the wire fencing stored behind Newtondale Halt and delivered it to No Sheep Hut, where it will be used to repair/renew the lineside fencing there.  North of the Station, to the west side of the line, the JVs have been preparing the site for the next bit of fence installation.  The old fence was recovered a while ago when it collapsed and has been waiting for replacement since.  The first 6 posts (of around 50) have been installed.

Grass cutting and weeding continues as usual; the roses are now in full bloom and look excellent.

Weighbridge Teas kept up their steady trade, with ice creams being popular in the warm weather.

3rd, 4th July 2021

We had a trip out on Saturday to Watton, where a grounded box van was awaiting our attention.  We have dismantled the steelwork in sections, using our 110v grinders and a generator, and brought it back to the Station on the back of the MPD pick up truck.  This will provide some useful spares for the future.  We may use one end to make another seat end, similar to the coach end on the Up platform. 

The JVs were kept busy whilst we were away, strimming and moving fencing materials onto site for the next section north west of the Station.  In the Yard the new stoned display area has had some of the items moved into place, including a pair of very heavy Whitby & Pickering stone sleeper blocks.

On Sunday, the truck was unloaded and the rusty box van bolts were cut off to allow the steel sections to be cleaned and stored easily. 

The internal ply facing to the new toilet van doors has been cut, fitted, and screwed into place and painted.  The War Department number for the green Palvan has been painted on the van’s Yard side.

Weighbridge Teas had another busy weekend – although trade did finish early on Saturday afternoon for some reason?  Pat, one of the team, celebrated her 85th birthday with cake and cards on Saturday.

Work on the gardens continues, both platforms have had their beds given a good weed, removing a lot of grass that was growing where it shouldn’t.  The new seedlings are settling in well and have been given regular watering.  The planters next to the Booking Office are doing well thanks to regular maintenance and the bushes in the yard have had another trim.

26th, 27th June 2021

After a wet Friday evening, whilst I was on the Diner shift in the signal box, the weekend kept dry and warm.

The door closing furniture has been fitted to both the Palvan and Toilet Van doors, allowing both sets to be closed correctly.  The metalwork furniture was given a wire wheel and repaint first.

The recovered planks from Newtondale Halt have had the rotten sections cut off them and the planks stacked with spacers in to allow them to dry thoroughly.

The JVs have been here again today.  The new display area at the yard entrance has been completed and is now ready for the artifacts to be installed shortly.  Strimming has been done on the lineside north of the level crossing and alongside the ditch against the road.

Inside the Gents, a leaking joint in the water supply to the toilet cistern has been repaired and is now dry.

The 3 garden planters next to the level crossing has been cleared of weeds and new seedlings planted out. They have been given a good watering in and we hope for a good display in due course.

Weighbridge Teas had another good weekend, with bacon butties and ice creams selling well.

19th, 20th June 2021

The sun continues to shine at Levisham, regardless of what the forecast said.

The first pair of doors for the toilet van have been trimmed and fitted onto the west side.  It took several trips to and from the van to get it all trimmed correctly.  They look at lot better than the originals that are still hanging on the other side.  The new green Palvan doors on the yard side have had their edges painted up to top coat, sealing them to keep out the water.

The roadside grass has been tidied up and the mole holes filled with spare soil.  More seedlings have been planted near the Weighbridge and given a good watering in.  Grass cutting continues…

The Junior Volunteers have recovered a large trespass notice from south of the Station, as the post it was on is rotten.  A new post will be made before the whole notice gets planted again.

In the Yard the JVs have completed the new garden edging, then laid the ground membrane and topped it off with gravel.

Weighbridge Teas have been open again and a steady run of visitors ensured they were kept reasonably busy.

12th, 13th June 2021

What glorious weather we are having at present -long may it continue!

The offside Palvan doors on the green van have been fitted and trimmed where required.  Fresh wood primer has been applied where we had to cut it to fit.  The west side doors of the disabled van have been removed (they were rotten) and the steel hinges have been wire wheeled clean and repainted. The first pair of new doors for this van have been assembled and painted up to first top coat.

The gardens are looking good, with the red poppies out at present.  New Painted Sage seedlings have been planted around the Weighbridge and we are looking forward to another stunning display this year.  The grass cutting continues…..

Weighbridge Teas had a busy day yesterday but today has been relatively quiet (perhaps everyone has been at the coast enjoying the sun?).

5th, 6th June 2021

The sun continues to, mostly, shine on Levisham.

The 8th and final Palvan door has been completed – hurrah!  They now just need fitting so a start has been made, with the first door being fitted to the Yard side of the green palvan.  We have also begun making the 8 doors for the toilet and shock vans; we are again using hardwood sleepers to make the framing.  The bauxite vans in the siding have had further numbering and lettering applied to them all.

The JVs have been busy at the Station again.  In the yard entrance the lineside speed board display area is being improved, with the weeds removed and new edging and stone chippings laid.  The new lineside fence, south of the Station, has had two strands of barbed wire fixed to it.

Weeding of the gardens has continued, with some new plants added this weekend.  The poppies are just beginning to flower, and they should put on a good display this year.  The grass is growing rapidly at the moment so weekly cutting is the order at present.  The long grass around the paddock and next to the roadside stream has also been strimmed down.

The ‘Whistle’ board at the south end of the Station has been cleaned down, primed, double undercoated, and given one coat of white top coat.  Further south, the ‘Trespass’ notice has been de-rusted, primed, and undercoated.

29th,-31st May 2021

Well, what a lovely hot weekend!

The GW mink van has had the old felt roof stripped off and a layer of thin ply fixed on top.  It is now ready for the canvas to be processed.  In the meantime the marquee canvas roof is keeping it dry.

The seventh Palvan door has been put together, with the mortices cut and everything glued together.  The ply was then masticed and screwed onto the back of it.  The door has been given another undercoat and two topcoats.  The 8th, and final, Palvan door is nearly ready for screwing and gluing together.

Three vans have had their running numbers painted onto them.  The toilet van has had more of the underframe given a coat of black gloss where it has already been undercoated.  A start has been made on the next set of 8 van doors – with the first two ‘blanks’ for the toilet van door uprights being cut out of a hardwood sleeper.

The Warehouse has been cleaned out and re-opened to the public.  The park benches have come out of store and have been well used already.  They were given a coat of teak oil to help preserve them.  The setts have been weeded and cleaned up.

The trailer for carrying the mini digger has been completed, along with the two ramps to get the digger up on to it.

The JVs have been busy all weekend, with notably the lineside fence completed south of the Station; the lineside fence between Platelayers and Kidstye made sheep proof; the steel fencing in the Yard covered with ply strips and then painted; and strimming undertaken around the Station.

Weighbridge Teas have had another busy Bank Holiday weekend with drinks, cakes and ice cream being very popular.

22nd, 23rd May 2021

Although there’s been no sun it has kept dry all weekend, which has helped us at the Station.

The toilet van has had the bodywork completed, with 2 coats of satin top coat applied all round.  This has allowed the sheets to come off apart from the one over the doors.  This sheet will have to remain until we get the new doors built and fitted.  The JVs have helped to wire wheel the underframe to remove the rusty areas, which was then given a coat of primer and part even received a coat of grey undercoat.

The GW Mink wagon has also had its sheeting removed and just a single sheet fitted over the roof.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can get the roof sheet replaced and the final sheet can be removed.

In the Yard, welding has continued on the new trailer for the digger.  The main work is now complete with just the steel ramps to make now.  The JVs have been busy ‘threading’ thin plywood strips through the metal security fencing to help screen the stores here.

North of the level crossing large amounts of brash have been burnt by the JVs.  They have also been working south of the Station, making a new short fence across the lineside ditch at an occupation crossing.  They have also finished moving the point rodding recovered by the S&T down the line and into store.

The dry weather has allowed us to get the grass cut, again; it hasn’t half grown a lot this week thanks to all the rain.

We have given all the windows on the Camping Coach a good clean and scraped off the loose paint on it.  The area around it has also been given a good weed.

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