22nd May 2022

The sun continues to shine on the Station each weekend.

The woodwork and NER vans have both received their second top coats.  The metalwork taken off the VEA has been cleaned down and given a coat of primer.  There is just the lettering to re-do on the first two vans.

The first of the two tanker wagons has had the top half of the barrel wire wheeled, the bare metal patch primed and then it was all given a coat of grey undercoat.  The lower halves of the barrels are hopefully in a good enough condition and won’t need much, if any, work on them.

Inside the disabled toilet van, the incoming plumbing has been connected to the mains water supply.  A lot of time was then spent checking all the copper joints inside to make sure they were water-tight.  One or two were also found to be only hand tight, so they needed a good tightening up.

The paling cover strips have been completed on the container front.  The exhaust of the dumper has been repaired and welded.

Grass cutting and weeding continues around the whole Station.  Strimming and cutting has been undertaken along the lineside north of the level crossing to tidy up the cesses. The gardens continue to produce rhubarb at an astonishing rate!

A large batch of our Station Brief History booklets have been despatched for sale in all the railway shops.

Weighbridge Teas had another steady weekend. 

Get Well Soon to Malcolm and Michael, who have both been in hospital for minor ops this week.

15th May 2022

We’ve had another glorious weekend of weather at the Station.

The woodwork van has received two further undercoats and its first topcoat of BR early bauxite livery, whilst the NER van has received 3 undercoats and its first topcoat of NER grey.  Both only now need their second topcoat and then they can be re-lettered.  Scaffolding has been erected at one end of the black tank wagon in readiness for its repainting.

Weeding along the platform beds continues, as does the grass cutting.  Weeding has also continued around the weigh table setts at the Yard entrance.

On the container the second window has been fitted, with just the main ‘doors’ to follow.

There have been no locos to fix this weekend, but the DMU did need our services to re fix a door trim which had come loose.  We also supported the Fire Watch teams with additional labour on Saturday as they were short handed.

Work on the toilet van continues, with the new water supply pipe dug in from the manhole to the van and then up inside.  This exposed pipe has been lagged and contained within a short length of black duct to protect it from frost.  A first topcoat has been applied to some of the architrave and skirting boards.

Meanwhile, after changing the fuel filters the dumper truck has, after much trying, restarted and is now running again.  With the fuel side sorted, it was time to take off the exhaust to weld up a few minor pin holes.

Weighbridge Teas had another couple of steady days, with ice creams being again popular thanks to the hot weather.

8th May 2022

The repaint of the grey body sides of the VEA has been completed.  There is still some metalwork to refix, along with the grab handles, once they have been repainted.  The planked box van (B771448, also known as Bella) has had the Yard side paintwork cleaned down, primed and undercoated.  Filler has been used to improve the surface of some of the planks.  There are a couple of poor planks on the doors which may need replacing.  The NER van No.98799, built in 1904, has also had the Yard side cleaned down and primed.  The second new wagon tarpaulin has been fitted over the LMS 3 plank wagon, replacing the tatty grey sheet which ‘covered’ it.

The flooring for the trailer has been given another coat of preservative.  A welded box has been made to house the battery in a secure compartment on the side of the dumper truck.  A new rear pointing light has been fitted to the mini digger.

Weeding of the platform beds continues whilst the vegetable bed north of the level crossing has been given a heavy weed and seed potatoes have been planted.  A start has been made on cleaning the stone setts in the Station Yard of small weed growth.

The first window has been fixed into the side of the timber cladding to the container and palings fitted around it.

Weighbridge Teas have had another good couple of days with sales of goodies and books from the cart going well.

2nd May 2022

It’s been another Bank Holiday weekend but, unlike Easter, the weather has not been as hot.  We even had a touch of rain overnight on Saturday!

The VEA has had its second door rebuilt with new framing made for the lower section.  New outer plywood has been fitted to both doors, a big improvement from the old patched multi-piece look.  Many coats of primer, undercoat and, on one door, a first topcoat has been applied.

The cladding of the container continues with the ‘roof’ over the main doors installed and the first window has been trial fitted.  It will need a touch more fettling before it fits into place.

The first of the new tarpaulins has been fitted to the trackside open wagon, smartening the line of vehicles there.  Following its use over the winter, the final pieces of deck boarding have been fitted to the dumper truck trailer.  The whole of the wooden deck has been treated with preservative to help it last longer.

In the vegetable and strawberry bed a major tidy up, digging out ground elder and splitting plants has been done.  Weed supressing membrane has been laid in the strawberry patch before the split plants have been reinstated. Hopefully we’ll be rewarded with some berries this summer! The old bean supports were also removed as they were life expired.

Weighbridge Teas had a good weekend with several of the donated books being sold, along with a couple of Rosedale Mines softback books.  Hot drinks and ice creams were popular with everyone but not necessarily at the same time!

24th April 2022

After a warm week the temperature seemed to drop rapidly over the weekend, but at least it kept dry.

The return of steam locos in the spring, after a 2 year absence due to COVID, has also brought back the problems of lineside fires.  We have been out several times this week to deal with small fires before being called out to deal with a pair of large fires; the former we deal with ourselves whilst the latter needed the support of the fire services and local gamekeepers.

The repaint of the VEA continues, with the west side now fully repainted in Railfreight Grey.  The east side wall panels have been similarly repainted, with minor wood filling as necessary to improve the surface finish.  The east side doors are fairly rotten, so the first has been removed and new hardwood framing inserted to make it good again.  The ply facing sheet is beyond repair and will be replaced.  The plain black tarpaulin on our LNER High Goods open wagon E282028 has had the NE lettering applied to it, along with the wagon number.

After dealing with the fires several of the fire beaters required repair, so these – plus several spare beater heads – have had new shafts made in readiness for the next call out.  A new floor was also fitted to the Weighbridge stores trolley, which had been damaged a week earlier.

The 5 concrete LNER planters have been replanted with new bushes and flowers, brightening up the entrance area.  In our vegetable patch, work continues to prepare the ground and tidy up after a couple of years of growing fallow.  Weeding and planting of the platform beds continues.

Weighbridge Teas did well on Saturday, but Sunday was a lot quieter – perhaps because it is the end of the Easter holiday break.

18th April 2022

Well, what a glorious weekend of weather!

The repaint of the NER van has been completed and the marquee sheet removed.  With one down, a start has been made on the VEA (the grey van with the yellow ends), with the west side wire wheeled clean, primed, and undercoated.

The ridge pieces for the container roof have been made and fitted.  The recycled cast iron guttering has been repainted and fixed onto the front face.  We have taken delivery of two new wagon sheets to replace the pair which have perished over time.  They are currently being lettered as per LNER practice.  The shelf in the catering storage shed collapsed on Saturday, so it has been replaced and improved fixings fitted.  The Palvan has had all its long bolts cut back and the mastic between the steel framework and the wooden frame completed.

We had Piglets loco, Lucie, pass through on Friday en-route to Newbridge Yard.  It called into our yard and helped squeeze up the buffers on the two tank wagons so we could get the ‘Instanter’ coupling separated.  Although only here for a couple of minutes it was nice to have her back.  Fingers crossed she will return at the Gala.

Weighbridge Teas had a ‘steady’ 4 day weekend, but there was always capacity for more visitors to come and sample their wares.  After a 2 year hiatus, the sales cart is back out again full of railway books, DVDs, and our very own ‘Brief History’ booklets about our railway.

10th April 2022

A hard frost each morning has preceded two lovely sunny days.

The NER van has had its second top coat applied on the west side, whilst the north end has received two coats of undercoat.  The east side has been sanded down, primed where necessary and then given a couple of coats of undercoat.  The Palvan has had its wheelsets painted black.

The wicket gate has had its paint touched up, so it is nearly finished.

In the Yard the front roof panels have been screwed into place on the container, whilst the JVs have been repainting the trackside paling fencing.  They have also been busy fitting ply sheets to a panel of wire fencing to help screen the fuel tank, lopping scrub alongside the wagons in the north siding, and tidying up scrub alongside the paddock.  The ballast between the fence and the siding has also had the weeds removed before they get any bigger.

Today was also the Induction Day for the new Junior Volunteers, with briefings and presentations for them and their carers.

Weighbridge Teas have re-opened for the season and have been kept busy all weekend with visitors wanting to sample their wares.  Ice creams were very popular this afternoon!

3rd April 2022

Brr, it’s cold!  After the glorious weather last week, it’s been back to snow showers this weekend.

The NER van has had the two top coats applied to the west side, whilst the north end has had the loose paint cleaned off and given a good coat of aluminium primer and its first undercoat.  The Palvan has had its wheels given a couple of coats of undercoat, whilst the buffer beams have been given a second coat of black gloss.  The planking for the large door for the timber clad container has been given a second top coat.

In the paddock the small timber manhole cover, which was going rotten, has been replaced with new timber.  The picnic benches have also come out of winter store and are back in the paddock ready for use.  On the platforms, the benches have been uncovered and are ready for the new season of visitors use.

The new wicket gate has been given a second top coat, and then hung in position at the level crossing.  The “Shut This Gate” signs have been screwed into place.

The Junior Volunteers have been with us again, helping with a lot of the tasks above plus the following: sanding and teak oiling the 3 park benches; sanding and fence painting the litter bins, planter covers and the fence next to the disabled toilet van; emptying, vacuuming and mopping the General Room; emptying the Exhibition Warehouse ready for reopening; and finally moving new fence rails into their lineside store ready for when they are needed.

We’ve seen a bit of movement on the rails this weekend. A ballast train and tamper came through on Saturday, working towards Goathland to finish bridges 24 and 25.  They returned in the dark at 22:15 once the job was complete.  We had the class 37 diesel and 5428 Eric Treacy through the Station on Sunday, to ready the railway for the return of passenger trains tomorrow.

27th March 2022

Well, what a cracking week of weather we have had!

The last of the winter fibre cable installation has been completed near the 14MP.  Once the marker tape was laid, the trench was backfilled and the area levelled so it was neat and tidy.  Just a quarter of a mile further north, the lineside access has been titivated to improve the cross level (it was too steep) and to remove a couple of ‘speed humps’.

It was then time to move the machine to Newtondale Halt and complete the backfilling and tidying up there.  Working steadily northwards, the trench backfill was completed and the lineside access levelled across to the lineside ditch.  At the concrete PW hut the area in front of it has been levelled and left neat and tidy.  Beyond this the next ¾ of a mile only needed a ‘light touch’ to finish it all off.  With the machines out of the way the repainted cast iron mileposts have been reinstated, as have the repainted speed restriction sign and gradient board.  The last of the logs and rotten sleepers, left over from a much earlier relay, have been recovered to leave a neat and tidy lineside.

Back at the Station, it’s been painting to the fore.  The NER box van has had the last of the bodyside wire wheeled clean and then lots and lots of paint applied – 1 primer, 3 undercoats, and 2 top coats.  The Wagon Group Palvan has had its wheels cleaned and primed.  Our VEA box van has had cracked paint removed, then been sanded, primed, and undercoated.

The correct timber has finally been delivered to allow us to make the new wicket gate for the level crossing.  Again this involved lots of sanding, priming, 2 under coats and then 2 top coats have brought it up to a good state.  Next weekend it should be ready for installation.

A bonfire has disposed of more garden rubbish and branches pruned around the Station.

One of our gardeners was here again, undertaking minor weeding and sorting out of the platform beds.  As predicted last week, the garden edging and concrete planters have all been cleaned down and given a coat of white paint – the Station is looking rather good for the start of the season!  On the container front, the new small door has been painted and fixed into place.  Further timber has been fitted to support the front roof sheets, which have also been painted – this time in bitumastic paint.  The main planks for the large door have also received their top coat – Rail Red.

Weighbridge Teas were here for the final tidy up and sorting out ready for re-opening NEXT WEEKEND.

20th March 2022

The sunshine continues on the spring equinox, maybe it’s time to get a tan!

The planking for the new false door on the container has been delivered and given a first coat of primer.  The skirting boards for the toilet van have had their grey undercoat applied.  The new ‘door’ for the container has been trial fitted inside its ‘new’ frame cladding.  The platform edging has been repainted in readiness for the new season.  All being well, the garden edging and planters will be done next weekend.

The fuel tank on the dumper was taken away for a good flush and the installation of a dip stick, it has been fitted back into place and the dumper is now back in action.  Its first task was to recover old fencing materials from Northdale for ‘upcycling’ at Kidstye into firewood.

On the lineside, the cable ditch south from the 15MP has been given a final finish, level and tidy up down as far as bridge 17/14¼MP.  A start has been made on the latest section of cable to be buried between the 14 and 14¼MPs, half has been excavated, the cable laid, marker tape laid on top, and backfilled.

Weighbridge Teas have been in to give the building a good cleaning in readiness for their reopening shortly.  Thanks to the new fridge, which came a fortnight ago, they have been able to replace one which is on its last legs.

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