31st December 202

Brrr, it’s cold!  Well, it did get up to 0°C around lunchtime after being -4°C at 8:30 in the morning.

After several days work all the framing for 3 pairs of Palvan doors has been cut, planed and tongued.  All the pieces are now in the General Room keeping warm and are ready for priming.

With the announcement yesterday of North Yorkshire moving into Tier 3, the 4 planned dining trains had to be cancelled.  With no more passenger trains planned, the dining train empty stock was brought through to Pickering today by the 9F.  The railway is now back under Possession, with Engineering Trains running as and when required.

We hope you all have a Happy New Year and we look forward to welcoming you back when we can.

27th December 2020

We hope you all had a very Happy Christmas, and all being well we’ll see you all sometime next year.

Over the last week further hardwood sleepers have been cut up, to provide sufficient sections for 6 Palvan doors.  It’s a slow job as it’s hard going, let alone cutting all the sections to the correct profile.

On Christmas Eve, the last day of the Santa Specials, we were graced with snow, hail and sleet.  Although a little settled, enough for a couple of photos, it didn’t last.

Trains have now paused until the 31st December; when 4 days of Moorlander trains are planned.

Elsewhere, work continues along the railway in the workshops and outside.

19th, 20th December 2020

After a wet week it’s been lovely to have 2 dry days.

Work has concentrated on removing scrub and leaning trees near bridge 17.  There is now a large amount of cut up brash to burn, along with quite a lot of thin logs to collect.  The large specimen trees, which are growing vertically, have been left as they don’t need removing.  What this has done though is open up pleasant views through to the grass field beyond, as well as the river closer to the track.

At the Station, two more hardwood sleepers have been brought to the Waiting Shelter and further ‘blanks’ for the Palvan door framing have been cut.  A final sleeper is required to provide enough sections for 4 doors.

12th, 13th December 2020

Well, what a wet weekend!

New hardwood ‘blanks’ have been cut for the paintshop (the palvan) yard side door framing, out of a pair of pre-loved hardwood sleepers.  These were made in the waiting shelter to keep in the fresh air but away from the rain.

Inside the north end hut, the interior has been given a tidy up and re-sort of the contents.

More fairy lights have been fitted to a couple more box vans at the Station.

5th, 6th November 2020

The second Lockdown is over and we are back in Tier 2 but this does mean trains can run.

The Station has been decorated with the ‘Happy Christmas’ signs and Christmas lights have been set up on both platforms, a couple of box vans, on the fir tree opposite the signal box (the tree is known as Albert) and on the cottages.

Around bridge 16 (between the 14 and 14¼ mile posts) more small scrub has been removed.  This is opening up views of the field and hillside beyond, together with the river nearer to the railway.  The lineside fence there is in poor condition and will need repairs, once we have removed all the scrub, to keep it sheep proof.

5th December 2020

Down platform Christmas lights
Up platform Christmas lights
Christmas lights and tree

28th, 29th November 2020

Well, it’s been the big burn up this weekend.  The huge amount of scrub and tree stumps dumped at Platelayers Crossing have been burnt this weekend.  The scrub cut down in August, alongside the river there, has also come in for the same treatment.

Along the access track from Platelayers to the 14MP the roadway edge has been levelled off with our mini digger and the bankside tidied up, allowing road vehicles to proceed along it at a safe distance from the track.  This job was started last March but was not completed due to the first Lockdown.

A large pile of ash and stone, which has been dumped at Platelayers since the track was relaid there a few years ago, has been loaded into the dumper and brought to the Station for re-use.  This has finally left a tidy, level site here.  Near the Fogmans Hut at the Distant signal the high land has been levelled and the fire fighting water butt has been sited here.  Like the No Sheep Hut, we plan to fit small guttering around the hut roof to help fill the butt and screen it with timber palings. In readiness for Christmas, a pine tree has been brought off the lineside to the front of the cottages, erected in the garden and decorated with lights and baubles

21st, 22nd November 2020

It was white over with frost this morning, a keen one with the ground frozen solid.

Continuing from last weekend the same limited group has been back at the 14 mile post. The last of the roadway has been levelled and the spoil has been carefully dug off the top of the retaining wall. The turning point at Bridge 17 has been lengthened by a yard to make it more useable. The lowered roadway has been titivated; removing uneven spots, pot holes, and humps. This completes the roadway and spoil works here.

Scrub has been cut around Bridge 16 and towards Bridge 17. This has been burnt, along with timber and roots dug out of the roadway spoil – keeping us warm on a cold frosty day.

14th, 15th November 2020

A small group of us came down, working outside with social distancing, as volunteering is still allowed under lock down 2.

We have been working near the 14MP this weekend, lowering the roadway along the top of the retaining wall.  At the same time, the slotted drain pipe on the other side of the track has been lifted and levelled.  The pipe trench has been backfilled with spent stone and ash ballast, dug off the roadway.  Between bridges 16 and 17, 200y north of the 14MP, the excess stone on the roadway also helped with backfilling of the drain.  This work could only be undertaken during a possession (which the railway is currently under) and has been a great christening of our mini digger, supported by our dumper.

31st October, 1st November 2020

We’ve had a mixed weekend of rain and some sunshine, but everything was very wet and soft underfoot.

On the mini digger, one or two isolated areas of surface rust have been cleaned down and repainted.  The preloved insulated roofing panels have been cut down to suit the new pitched roof on the container.  One side has been completed, whilst work progresses on the panels for the other.

The roof sheets over the Mink van have been adjusted, as has the scaffolding along the side, to prepare for repairing/replacing the edge roof boards.

With the announcement of the second lockdown, the rest of the weekend has been spent tidying items away properly and making sure everything is safe and secure.  This also includes making items snow proof – as historically the last weekend in November has been snowy – if it does snow it’s generally an indication of a hard winter to come.

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