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Covered Carriage TruckThe Covered Carriage Truck was built by the London and North Eastern Railway at Darlington in 1950. It was designed to carry cars and has end-loading doors to facilitate this. Inside the van, steel plates run the length of the body for the car wheels to run on and several cross bars lock into fixings along the body sides to hold the cars in place during transit.

Since its last repaint over 10 years ago the condition of the body has deteriorated. It now requires all 6 side doors replacing, one pair of end doors rebuilding, and two repairing and several areas of planking require replacement. Fortunately the roof was recovered 10 years ago and is in good condition.

We have spare planking in store and some hardwood for the door frames but further timber is required. We are well through building the new doors. Three of these doors are now insitu although the door opening mechanism still require fitting. Some frame repairs have been required before the planking could be replaced and painted in red. Further frame and planking repairs are still required.

The final paint scheme will be black end doors and red sides.

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