Lineside Huts

Black HutSeveral years ago the original North Eastern Railway sleeper built hut to the North of the level crossing collapsed into the lineside ditch behind it. A further British Rail sectional hut was erected near this hut to act as an additional store in the early 1970s.

To assist us in replacing the sleeper hut we had installed a steel culvert, backfilled around with surplus materials and cast a concrete base on top. A timber frame with walls using recovered planks from Newtondale Halt has been erected on this concrete base. A sloping roof (as the original) with a slated finish tops it all off.
Maximum use of recycled materials has been achieved with planks, hinges, slates, lead, screws and nails being second hand. The hut is split into three with racking designed to store the materials required in a better manner. Lighting and power have been installed including a new S&T signalling power supply for the new siding. The number sequence follows the two cottages already present on that side of the line!

The existing sectional hut will be dismantled, returning this area of the lineside back to its previous condition. This hut will not go to waste however, as it is to be re-erected in our paddock to house our marquees and event props. A new base for this is already underway.

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